Fun Apps

Check out our list of top fun apps that…let you have fun and save the planet at the same time! Games to aid learning about the environment, contribution to conservation efforts through gamification, or just plain fun.

Let’s start having fun with these apps for Android and iOS.


This neat game has you classifying coral reefs using satellite images taken by NASA. The more you learn and classify, the more you help NASA to identify and work to prevent damage to our coral reefs. Your work will help train AI to instantly know from pictures exactly how healthy or damaged a patch of reef is.

Join more than 5,000 people on android alone who are working to save our oceans.

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ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

A great app from that promotes saving the only planet we have.

green first game image

This is all about teaching kids the practical ways we can save our planet. Kids big or little can look at real issues, what caused them and ways real people are saving the planed every day. It’s mission based and every scenario has a simple solution.

If you read, you will likely know the best course of action to save the planet because it’s the common sense solutions we beat the drum about all the time. Some people would say the game is over simplistic. We would say the solutions to save our planet are simple in real life but we choose to complicate everything! The challenge with this game doesn’t always come from the solutions, it comes from balancing all the literal or otherwise wildfires the game throws to you.

game screenshot wind farm

How do you play?

Start a company somewhere in the world, study and implement eco projects in a effort to save the world from disaster, analyse the consequences of your decisions, send volunteers to implement your plans, then watch how the decisions you made influence life on our planet.

Now it’s over to you!

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Cranky Uncle

You know what? This Cranky Uncle app is fun! It’s a bit reading heavy, but it goes through a lot of stuff you hear climate deniers spouting and helps you spot the type of argument they’re trying to put forward and understand why it is flawed.

cranky uncle fun app intro screen

Perhaps one of the more serious fun apps, the aim of the Cranky Uncle app is to help you identify and counter popular and often intentional misconceptions about the climate crisis.

cranky uncle onboarding screen

Cranky Uncle presents you with multiple techniques of gaslighting, teaching you the technical name for each. So you’ll learn all about:

climate denial techniques
  • Fake experts
  • Logical fallacies
  • Impossible expectations
  • Cherry picking
  • Conspiracy theories

From fake experts gaslighting you with their fake expertise, to learning how the pro pollution gand will cherry pick arguments to make themselves look good, you’ll find out how to spot ‘em and refute their BS.

cranky uncle fake experts

Cranky Uncle on Android.

Cranky Uncle on iOS.

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