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We all need to get around at some point. Some of us have a daily commute, we might need to go shopping, or we might want to get away on a short break or holiday. These transport apps are designed to help you travel in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.

Commute Greener

This transport app is developed to help you plan smarter ways to travel to and from work. It shows you the CO2 you could use with different options and the potential cost to people’s health because of those choices. The idea is to show you it is possible if we all make small changes to make everyone’s life better.

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Use this app to find places to plug in your electric vehicle and charge it up. Right now it’s all about the US and Canada, but we thought we’d include it anyway as they have a good rep and are fighting the good fight. Unless they come to the UK, we might have to replace them wit a similar app that you can take advantage of on a trip from Brighton to Thurso.

For now I guess it’s a useful transport app for when you go on holiday to North America and rent a Tesla or something.

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Long-distance ride sharing with coaches included to help you get to your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. As with every other transportation app like with coaches or trains, you can choose your to and from destination, date you wanna go and the number of people from only you up to a total of eight people including yourself.

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A ride sharing app and B Corp connecting friends who drive with friends who need a lift to cut down on needless car journeys. SKOOT will plan the most efficient route for the journey, collect payment from passengers for petrol and running costs, without invalidating your insurance.

Because “[t]here is no profiteering therefore no changes to insurance eligibility as it doesn’t affect an individual’s Social Domestic and Pleasure car insurance policy”, it’s all good.

Right now, you can only use SKOOT through their website when you’ve signed up.

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