Four Must Have Chinese Chargers For Smartphones

These smartphone chargers straight out of China offer the best value for money and charging capacity you’ll find anywhere on the market.

Before you turn your nose up at Chinese made products, remember that production of battery cell technology is primarily conducted in China. Almost every single one of the western brands you come across source their cells and other battery technology directly from manufacturers in China. Perhaps even some of the manufacturers behind the models below. 


Solar Power Bank with Wireless & Dual USB Charging by Frog & CO

The design of this solar power bank is amazing because it actually can be stored really securely and safely and it doesn’t get damaged or scratched. Coming in its own little box container, you won’t have a problem taking it anywhere with you. 

When you’re ready to pull it out and actually charge your phone, you are faced with a cool little product that looks like what you’d imagine a solar Rover that is going to land on the surface of Mars. All is safe and secure in his little bundle until it’s time to roll out the solar panel so you can start harvesting energy and go to work.

The concept behind this phone charger is sublime. It’s kind of futuristic and adventurous when you first open it. The QuadraPro makes you think wow, I really got something amazing on my hands here.

The charger has a 6,500 mAh Capacity meaning that you can probably charge your phone up to 4 times. That’s amazing and a really good capacity for a charger. Better to have multiple charges available to you than being stuck in the middle of nowhere and you can only charge your phone once.

Without using a fully charged powerbank it will  take a total of about 12.5 hours to fully charge a mobile device using sunlight. That’s a bit too long since 12 hours of sunlight is only achievable at the height of summer well into the northern and parts of the southern hemisphere. Fading light levels in the evening will also complicate this potential charging time. 

Power Discharge

We could actually charge up to 3 devices at once which is pretty useful. Kind of means that if you go out into the middle of nowhere with your friend and both have your phones. Maybe one of you also has a tablet, navigation system or even a pocket WiFi. You can charge all three at the same time and they’ll all get enough juice to soldier on for a while longer. 

As we said previously, it feels kind of like you’re on an adventure going off to another planet the way you fold the QuadraPro solar power bank panels out and how the whole product looks. It’s also kind of like that with a durable leather case that you get. The leather style case seems quite resistant to scratches and scrapes. Of course if you are taking it out with you to the great outdoors you will get a few scratches, but the leather style case stands up to day-to-day use really well. The ‘leather’ quality is pretty good too so we think you’ll like it a lot.

Built-in loops and carabiners on the solar charger allow you to easily hang the solar panels up when you have folded them out. Point the solar panels towards the Sun (obvs!) and get all the possible rays even when the sun is low on the horizon. You can charge with the panels standing up at any time of day, but in the middle of the day it can be a better idea to lay them down flat on the ground.

Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Once everything is all packed up and bonded together, then everything is waterproof. We wouldn’t risk immersing the whole pack in water, but it is definitely resistant to splashes and rain and things like that.

Stealth Angel Survival Charger

10,000mAH Waterproof / Shockproof Solar Dual-USB Charger with LED Light

This is a charger that was definitely built to survive in rough and rugged places. You could even take your Stealth Angel Survival charger out into the Wild Wild West with you. You can take it up into the mountains, you can take it into the desert, you can take it into the rainforest. And it’s going to perform for you.

Most Durable Charger

Waterproof, shockproof, and generally hard knock life proof, this10,000mAH battery capacity charger is ready to help you get off to the best start possible and keep your camping trip going to the max.

You have to provide your own cables, but can actually charge two devices at once. So it’s good if you’re an individual, you can just go out hiking and things like that without worrying you’ll run out of juice for your phone and smartwatch for example.

Solar Charging Feature

While out in the wilderness, you can definitely find an amazing use for the solar power charger feature too. If you’re going with another person, you might find that not having the flexibility of that third charging dock might start to become a bit annoying for you, but you’ll be able to share two docks with ease. 

Taoxiwave Solar Power Bank 20000mAh

Taoxiwave solar power bank has all the features that its competitors have and a bit more. It is waterproof and the bonus is that it’s heat proof as well. This increases the number of situations you can use it in.

When you’re out of the office, the built-in compass that you get with it comes in handy. Kind of interesting because it’s a battery and it has a compass on it so we were a bit sceptical about how accurate the compass will be. However, we found that the compass was actually pretty decent. To Help those of you who enjoy going on camping trips, there’s a nice torch on it as well.

Available in black and orange, black and blue and just plain black, you will be sure to find something to match your mood. When it comes to compatible devices, this is a power bank that works from the energy of the Sun and touts itself as being an item for the iPhone. I guess it kind of makes sense marketing to iPhone users who like to get out and about and be in the great outdoors.

The capacity on this charger is actually kinda huge so you’ll probably be able to charge your iPhone around six times before it runs out of juice. Even so, you’ll still be topping up through the power of the Sun’s rays, so the Taoxiwave solar power bank is a really good smart green choice.

The thing about using the sun with this product is this charger manufacturer recommends that you don’t rely on its solar capacity. For us, it was okay to charge from the sun but you can’t really rely on it if they are up-front in letting you know you can’t rely on charging via the sun. As an emergency back up though, we do think the solar panes work okay. With a high capacity, if charged fully before setting out, solar to-up should be fine. For this reason, we think it’s definitely worth a look and that’s why it makes our list of top solar chargers.

BigBlue 3 USB Ports 28W Solar Charger

The big blue USB charger also gives you that kind of outer space feel with the way you have to fold out it’s panels. This charger is something you can roll out and hang up for it to catch the rays of the Sun.

BigBlue 3 is waterproof, but we’ve been thinking that it wouldn’t be the best idea to get it wet and then have strong sunlight shining onto the solar panels while it was still damp. We’re not quite sure how that would go but we didn’t really have the heart to really damage this device and take it to the limit.

The thing you really need to observe with the big blue however is that it doesn’t actually come with a battery. You need to provide your own battery if you want to charge without the panels folded open or at night. Best use is like the solar clothing<link> the British army were developing for its soldiers. As a basic item it’s just a straight solar charger.

The great thing about it is that you will be able to start charging your phone 100% through green solar energy. This can be good because you can avoid buying a battery which uses rare earth minerals and has downsides at the end of life when it comes to recycling. Not that solar panels don’t come with their own environmental drawbacks, but at least you’ll save battery weight.

Must Have Accessories

So that’s our choice of top Chinese phone chargers to compliment the rest of your green mobile accessories. Anything you think should be on this list? Keep charging your phones up using green energy!