Eco Calc By Chris Mokes


Eco Calc By Chris Mokes

Eco Calc is a simple to use app for calculating your vehicle's emissions and economy figures.
Eco Calc is very simple to use, just enter your current economy from the vehicle's trip computer or the amount of fuel used and the trip distance.

Eco Calc will Calculate/convert your economy figures in Imperial mpg , US mpg, Litres per 100 Kilometre, miles per litre and litres used in 12000 miles.

Calculate your CO2 emissions as g/km, the total produced for the current trip, the amount emitted in 12000 miles and how many miles you travel per tonne of CO2. Emissions can be calculated for petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles.

Display the current g/km graphically on the a chart showing its position in the UK emissions bands.

Show the estimated cost of the current trip and the cost of fuel for 12000 miles based on the currently entered price and calculated economy.

Easy to setup and us:
Input the figures as mpg, l/100km or fuel used and distance.
Distance can be specified in kilometres or miles.
Fuel can be specified in litres, Imperial gallons and US gallons.
The fuel price can be entered per litre or per gallon in the local currency for your phone.