iGreenpeace By Greenpeace


iGreenpeace By Greenpeace

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Alex the Penguin loves good food, friends, naughty tricks, playing games and saving the planet, just like many of us. He lives at the South Pole and is experiencing problems due to global warming. Alex has realized that politicians and corporations are slow or unwilling to act on this major threat to people, penguins and the planet. So Alex has set up his own campaign for action together with Greenpeace and YOU.

Features include:

⦁ The Penguin Clap Game! Tap and clap with Alex the Penguin and see how long you can last.
⦁ Breaking Greenpeace news from around the world.
⦁ Quick sign-up to become an online-activist. You'll get our monthly newsletter and action alerts for you take instant action to defend the planet.
⦁ Opportunities to donate to support Greenpeace campaigns to save people, penguins and the planet.

Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs action.