Kyocera Milano New Smartphone Is Green...

Kyocera Milano New Smartphone Is Green


Business mobile phone users make some tough demands on their mobile phones. And Kyocera Milano has come up with this new eco-mobile phone it's a smartphone with a twist. It has a slide in and out Qwerty keyboard and a touchscreen as well.

Eco credentials, are a proprietary preloaded power management app from Kyocera that’s looks after the battery life – which means the phone will go into low power mode by adjusting the various phone functions that you might have on, like timeout, brightness etc, which is a good thing as you can lose lots of standby time with these kinds of functions lingering on.  

This has got to be the best carbon-free business mobile phone idea on the market.  It’s a small and affordable mobile phone with other key features that include Wi-Fi with mobile hotspot facility, a 3-inch screen, it has a 3-megapixel camera, 512MB onboard memory but you can boast it up as it has a memory card slot that can support up to 32GB.

Powered with an 800 MHz processor, driven by Android 2.3.

The touchscreen uses Swype technology, which provides a quicker, easier way to text when you’re using the device's virtual keyboard.

So if you're into green business communication, and you like to use a stylus or just your fingers in a continuous motion across the screen keyboard is all it takes to text using Swype.  The theory is you should be able to enter up to 40 words a minute, which is lots.