Nokia…Cutting Edge Green Mobile Phones…

Nokia…Cutting Edge Green Mobile Phones


Mobile phones for business users are most certainly looking at longer life and a low CO2 impact way of making mobile phone calls.  Nokia green mobiles phones environmental record has not been too bad and whilst they may have lost some sales with their normal mobile phone range here and there, certainly, since 2007 the company has been pushing towards a more ecological and sustainable way in producing its mobile phones.  

Nokia is looking at ways how mobile phones consume ‘power’ by looking at alternative energy sources, using novel new screen technologies to reduce energy. As well as designing mobile phones which educate the user about themselves and the world around them.  

Some of these new ideas that are being heralded for the use of green mobile phones because of the environmental situation are just awesome. So picture this: 

A business mobile phone that meets Nokia’s future vision the ‘Nokia Eco Sensor Concept’ is one such green mobile that looks at different ways of developing you're global environmental and physiological awareness. Imagine a two-piece device made from environmentally friendly and recycled materials using state of the art biomaterials and low power radio technology so that the pieces can relay information to each other (otherwise known as NFC - near field communication technology).

Designed for the wrist, neck, or like a simple candy bar style mobile phone, powered by solar cells, a total solution that measures the environment, local weather conditions and your health, all packaged as a normal environmentally friendly mobile phone?  Surely it’s too much to ask of a mobile phone? The eco sensor concept is designed to be personal and will be customizable, which means you can choose what you want the mobile phone to monitor.

With this mobile phone you can do the following:

Environmental monitoring

• Ultraviolet radiation sensor

• Atmospheric gas-level monitor

• Environmental catastrophic warning and guidance system

Personal detector

• Motion detector

• Heart rate monitor

• Noise level monitor Weather monitoring

• Humidity sensor

• Air pressure sensor

• Temperature sensor


I guess it’s a bit like the Swiss Army knives of mobile phones.