Samsung latest Eco Designed Phone - Samsung Intensity…

Samsung latest Eco Designed Phone - Samsung Intensity

There seems to be no stopping Samsung and their commitment to green mobile phones.  When it comes to environmentally friendly business mobile phones, Samsung has gone planet friendly.

Samsung has come up with a range of mobile phones with all sorts of spec.  They came up with the ‘Blue Earth’ phone last year, which was a major hit, but adding to that grand stable of greener business mobiles, this is there latest offering, the Samsung Intensity.

And the bit I like best...about 35% of the casing is made largely from recycled plastic (actually recycled water bottles).


For an eco-friendly business mobile phone, this mobile is not quite as high spec as the Blue Earth mobile phone, this is an entry-level phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it has all the usual jewels one would expect of an eco-designed phone and it comes with GPS.