Sharp And Their Hybrid Green Mobile...

Sharp And Their Hybrid Green Mobile


When was the last time you met someone with a Sharp mobile phone, and they're certainly not known for their CO2 free greener mobiles?

But it would appear that Sharp has snuck up on the industry with a winner hybrid phone and designed this little eco baby, that could take the marketplace by storm. Sharps new SH6230C is a clamshell design and has a 2.9 inch LCD display with a 5-megapixel autofocus camera.  

Being a hybrid mobile phone means that the phones is environmentally friendly in that that it uses alternate and renewable energy resources to power it up.  

Maybe it's not in the mainstream, but this priceless gem is perhaps where the design of mobile phones needs to go.  This really is a planet-friendly mobile phone.  WITH Little touches like its LCD screen that consumes less energy and has a higher visibility in daylight as compared to other handsets, then it is going to be a CO2 free mobile phone.  Sadly though, the mobile phone is initially only being released in China but its reckoned that it should appear around the globe sometime in February 2011, available in Blue/White, Pink/Black, and Pink/White color schemes.  This should make green communication really easy.