Sony Ericsson Add New Green Mobile Phone To Range

Sony Ericsson Add New Green Mobile Phone To Range


I want a greener business mobile, I want it stylish, tough, business-like and I need it to be an environmentally friendly mobile phone.  Well, here it is... 

Introducing The Cedar... Sony Ericsson is introducing their latest green mobile phone to the world, which looks to be another hit from the Greenheart green mobile range. Made from over 50% of recycled plastics and processed using eco-friendly materials. 

The people at Sony E are sticking to their strict environmental standards and the handset comes with a low power consumption charger, e-manual and other Greenheart goodies.  It looks to be a genuine CO2 free mobile phone.

Agree or disagree with you feel about the worlds environmental issues, it looks as if green business communication is here to stay.

3G HSDPA ready the Cedar has all the usual browsing access to emails and social networking sites that a phone must feature these days.  And a host of other hot features; you can download direct to Facebook, geo-tagging and Sony Ericsson Album application, Calendar, Twitter application, Orkut application, Phonebook with dialer, Flight mode, WebKit Web browser, Voice Memo and Shake Control. 

The Cedar features a 2.6-inch TFT Capacitive full touchscreen display and their sticking to this human designed shape in the design stakes.  bA 2.0 MP camera might be seen by some as a step back in time, but the video is good and with 4 x digital zoom, you’ll be able to download everything via Bluetooth.  The standard battery allows for a fabulous 400 hrs standby time and up to 12 hrs of talk time makes this is a serious eco-friendly business mobile phone. 

Sony Ericsson claims that carbon emissions for the Greenheart range of mobile phones have been reduced by 15%, which in the grand scheme of things is a very good step in the right direction... 





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