The Nokia N9, Their Greenest Mobile Phone Yet…

The Nokia N9, Their Greenest Mobile Phone Yet


Nokia has for a long time now, made a firm commitment towards creating green mobile phones, whether for consumer or for green business communication, which means; not using any environmentally unfriendly materials such as PVC, brominates, chlorinated materials, or antimony trioxide in their mobile phones.

So it comes as no surprise that their flagship mobile the N9 is just about CO2 free greener mobiles as can be.  This mobile phone can be easily recycled/destroyed as it uses LOTS of safe materials.  Its a really well thought through planet friendly mobile phone.  Extra environmentally friendly bits are the backbone behind the packaging. Manufacturers often drop the baby here, but not Nokia’s flagship mobile: 77% of its packaging is made from recycled materials. 

They’ve also kept the packaging to a minimum by packing it tightly in, in the first place.  So when it arrives in the post don’t expect a shoe box full of anything. Check this out: The cardboard package: 134 mm x Width: 80 mm x Height: 74 mm

The size of the N9: 117 mm x Width: 61 mm x Height: 8-12 mm

Driven by Nokia's very own MeeGo operating system. This mobile phone has been installed, near-field communication technology.  A power save mode to let you know when it’s finished charging and an AC-16 USB fast Nokia charger, nice. With an all screen design, this mobile phone doesn’t have a home button so you have to use a ‘swipe’ gesture to take you back to the main screen. Usual techno bits are the 3.9" AMOLED screen, 16/64 GB storage, 1 GB RAM and it weighs 135g.

Standby time is an impressive 450 hours when you use 3G, the N9 has an 8 MP camera, fronted by Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual LED flash and it comes in Black, Cyan, Magenta.

And if you wanted to make less of environmental impact by using the N9, Nokia says that over three years using the N9 is apparently equivalent to driving a family car only 60 miles.  This has got to be one of the most environmentally friendly business mobile phones on the planet, but sadly though it doesn’t look as if it’s coming to the UK.