The Revive - Technology For Today And Tomorrow...

The Revive - Technology For Today And Tomorrow


Business mobile phones are usually very functional pieces of kit, well made, there designed for doing the job.  But can't they look really beautiful at the same time.  Well, Kinneir Dufort is perhaps one of the longest established innovation and design consultancies in Britain, founded in the seventies they have since come up with some excellent ideas, but their latest brainchild could just be the answer to the problems inherent with mobile phones.

They didn’t set out to make a green mobile phone, or a mobile that is planet friendly, put another way they looked at the design that would make the process sustainable – simply allowing people to keep up with the latest technology by allowing present-day hardware to be upgraded.  Its as if they came up CO2 free greener mobile by styling it that way. 

Which for a mobile phone, when you think about it, is brilliant, why are we always having to throw away stuff to replace it with something else?

Well, their latest design for a mobile phone the ‘Revive’ does just that. Its simple to use and the components can be changed almost immediately. It’s a brilliant concept and challenge to allow present-day products to keep up with the future. Do we really need to keep changing the outside so often?

Plus, they have provided a membership scheme which rewards the user for keeping the mobile for longer…strikes me as this is the way to go.  Green business communication just got stylish.