The Nokia Eco 5 Year Mobile Phone...

The Nokia Eco 5 Year Mobile Phone


Our Finnish cousins have been really burning the midnite oil when it comes to coming up with ideas for eco-friendly mobile phones.  Last year the company took to selling some mobile phones without a charger, hoping that consumers would use their last one, clever.  

The impact of such a simple idea is ten fold, if it comes without a charger, lower transport costs, packaging costs, resource use etc etc. 


Sometimes something as simple as that can make all the difference.  Well, maybe this idea is just as clever. Nokia is said to be looking to launch around 40 new mobile phones by the end of this year - each one containing biodegradable and eco-friendly components that can be easily recycled.

And at the top of the pile of ideas must be this one by UK designer James Barber, who developed an eco-friendly concept mobile called the Nokia 5 Year Phone. As green as the Hulk, over 80% of it is made from recycled materials. Using single color ABS plastic, it can be melted down and remoulded. It has a single screw to hold it all together and it uses three times less the amount of energy a normal mobile use throughout its five-year lifespan.

The Nokia 5 Year Phone is exactly as green as its color because over 80 percent of its materials is recycled. Fixed with only one screw, it can only be used for a maximum of five years, during which the energy it consumes is almost three times less than a regular phone uses.