Eco Mobiles Get Green Ears with LG’s Solar Powered Headset...


Eco Mobiles Get Green Ears with LG’s Solar Powered Headset

It’s amazing where ideas come from, the name ‘Bluetooth’ or ‘Blaatand’ comes from a tenth-century King, Harald Bluetooth, a once King of Denmark and Norway. He was famous for bringing together the warring tribes from Denmark.  Bluetooth headsets are nothing new but, here’s a green vision from LG that uses solar power for its unique solar charging cradle.

Listen up, the LG HBM-810 headset has a wealth of features including; cancellation software that cuts out that irritating echo that you can get with headsets, voice dialling, up to eight hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby time, dual microphones, caller ID announcement, A2DP support for wireless music streaming and noise reduction.  What’s more, it has multipoint connectivity so that it can connect up to two devices simultaneously.  What better way to charge your headset than in an environmentally friendly way?  A round of applause for LG, people!