Vodafone Festival Cure...



It’s designed around a carbon skeleton which holds a heavy-duty canopy in place, incorporating flexible solar panels, which are hand stitched onto the canopy to power the design while a high gain antenna together with a low power signal repeater boosts the mobile signal of anyone under or around the umbrella. It is a green-friendly mobile phone charging umbrella. So whether you are just out melting in the sun or standing in a long queue and it raining, you can charge your phone through a USB connector and you will be pleased to know it has hands free mobile phone docking station.

Your handset can be charged in just over three hours, of course, that's depending on the availability of sunlight and charge via the handle mounted USB port. There's a pair of high gain antennas that are there to enhance the signals of any mobile phone within a meter radius.  Not only is it a good looking eco-mobile charger with its technology but according to Dr Kenneth Tong- "it is more like a James Bond umbrella –you can't tell what it does from outside".

Another notable feature of the Booster Brolly is the LED flashlight.  Since a 3G signal boosting micro antennae can be charged by the umbrella it can provide the maximum signal strength to users when they are making or receiving calls or browsing the internet.

The charger is:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Good aesthetics

The Booster Brolly is not only practical but packed with high tech innovations which will hopefully improve the festival goer’s experience.  It’s a brilliant solution, when not if you are stuck in the mud somewhere and desperately looking for a wall socket!