Ocean Cleanup System 002

The Ocean Cleanup have a system called an Ocean cleanup System 002 that should be ready this year and with it, they aim to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Divers often remove plastic from coastal waters like plastic bottles and fishing gear that’s close to land, but it wouldn’t be very practical to have… Continue reading Ocean Cleanup System 002

Hudson Canyon Atlantic Marine Sanctuary

Joe Biden’s White House recently proposed the creation of a marine sanctuary in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Nwe York that will safeguard a seabed location called the Hudson Canyon

Kenya’s New Green Sckyscraper

The CBK Pension Towers have just been opened in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi to critical acclaim over its beautiful aesthetics and green features. After four years of work, the beautiful Central Bank of Kenya Pension Towers, also known as the CBK Pension Towers, were opened by Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday. Watch the moment President Uhru… Continue reading Kenya’s New Green Sckyscraper