Seaspiracy Netflix Documentary

Seaspiracy is a Netflix documentary from the producers of Cowspiracy that aims to present the reality of plastic waste that is killing our oceans.

The new original documentary from Netflix from the producers of Cowspiracy, tackles the issue of plastics that are found in our oceans head on. Seaspiracy quickly moves from the thing we all believe is destroying our oceans and onto the real reason behind the needless deaths of millions of sea creatures and even humans that dare to speak out.

Watching the Seaspiracy documentary on Netflix, we quickly see that rather than the single use plastics we’re trained to focus on, there is actually another, more critical source of plastics threatening marine life. The fishing industry is placed at the centre of responsibility for the majority of plastic discarded in our oceans through discarded fishing nets and the destruction of entire marine habitats.

Even worse than the huge amount of plastics dumped into our oceans every day, is the amount of ‘bycatch’ the fishing industry make on every trip. Bycatch accounts for as much as 40% of our global haul and despite there being organisations that proclaim fish products to be dolphin safe or sustainable, it’s nearly impossible to verify these claims.

Seaspiracy attempts to interview industry players like sustainability mark issuers, but director and cinematographer Ali Tabrizi is ignored or given non-answer questions. A definition for sustainable fishing is never really given, by any organisation overseeing the industry and this is very disappointing.

One reason for the tactics of evasion and giving nothing answers is suggested to be the source of funding for the orgaisations overseeing standards in the industry and even charities created to highlight single-use plastics while ignoring the damage done to our oceans by the fishing industry.

Marine life are not the only fish and mammals to suffer from industrial overfishing. There is a human toll of people placed on boats to verify sustainable fishing practices. Seaspiracy highlights that many peoppe go missing whilst monitoring sustainable fishing practices. Unfortunaltely, there are also a number of people who are forced to work on fishing ships for little or no pay.

Seaspiracy is a must watch for anyone who consumes seafood and anyone who wants to learn the truth about how we are treating our most valuable resource on planet earth; the oceans.