Tesla Electric Car App Reveals Carbon Footprint

Tesla now have an app that lets you see how much carbon your electric car is pumping into the atmosphere.


Sure, the great Tesla Motors and other electric car producers have created a product with zero emissions in and of itself. However, our new technology is simply moving the pollution form our inner cities the the countryside where oil, gas and coal powered stations do the dirty work.

An increasing number of people are realising that electric vehicles still do have an impact on the environment. The way they’re produced and the extraction of rare earth metals required to build them is another issue. So now, Tesla have developed an app to help drivers of their cars be aware of their actual carbon footprint.

TezLab is a free app that enables Tesla driers to see the type of energy powering their vehicles. It can now show a full breakdown of the exact type and percentage of fossil fuels and also green, renewable energy. This data is based on the network of chargers and locations throughout the United States. Hopefully it gets to the UK soon.

“[W]e can see how much carbon is being pushed out into the atmosphere based on your charge, whether you’re charging at home, or whether you’re charging at a Supercharger,” said Ben Schippers, CEO and co-founder of TezLab.

TezLab also collects anonymous data from Tesla driver’s use of their vehicles which it sues to publish insights from that data on its website. Owners can track their efficiency and total trip miles, then utilising that data to control things like the locking and unlocking of doors, car heating and air conditioning. In addition to its stat based features, TezLab is also building a community for Tesla users, including a feature that allows them to rate Supercharger stations.

Let’s all take a closer interest in where the energy we use comes from. The more we rely on renewables, the more popular they become which leads to them being more efficient.

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