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Buy the latest green mobile phones.

Available sim-free so you can use them on any network you like. We will ship your new phone to you directly, you can order through one of our trused partners or from other sources including directly from the manufacturers.

Fairphone 4

Buy the latest Fairphone and kick-start your ethical, green life.

The Fairphone is user serviceable and ethically produced, with agreements along the supply chain to help workers get paid a fair wage for the hard work they do.

Fairphone 4 is available worldwide.

Get the Fairphone 4 in South Africa

Fairphone 4 in Pakistan

Grab your Fairphone 4 in the UK


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Other Phones

You can get a lot of other green phones, but you would need to look through these links for the right phone for you, because some of them might not be as green as others.

Check and compare mobile phones to get the one that suits you.

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