Greener mobiles a complete business communications service

Business is about communication; delivering the benefits of your products and services to your customers in the clearest, fastest, most cost-effective, most eco-friendly possible manner. The problem is customers don’t always follow the rules.  So, you need to change the rules, choose a phone that helps customers contact you.

But as every year goes by, the rate of change increases.

With each new round of communication technologies, your business is required to keep up.  Remember how there were 8-tracks, cassette tapes, even DVD’s are now redundant compared to music downloads, all in the space of a few years!  Business demands a lot from you.  Keeping on track, and under budget is not easy.


So, what’s the solution?

At Greenermobiles.com, we can offer you ‘Horizon Cloud’ a complete cloud-hosted communication platform, as versatile as your Smartphone.  Horizon keeps you in touch with your customers from an office-based handset, tablet, Apps to any device or desktop.  A business-ready phone system that puts the flexibility back into your business, to truly serve your customer’s needs.  A system that keeps you ahead of change.

Cloud Communication - The control you crave.

  • Horizon Cloud is suitable for any sized business that wants to move forward 24/7
  • Work from home, or on the move, flexible working is now a reality
  • Simple and affordable compatibility with your business computer systems and software
  • Save money, work smarter, comprehensive solutions with flexible contract terms
  • Cloud communication a more environmentally friendly choice

Cloud communication is fast becoming the business standard all over the world.  It allows not only voice, but the video function offers you complete communication interactivity with your customers or suppliers all around the world, and it's much less expensive than traditional telephone services.

Move your business ahead with a cost-effective Horizon Cloud business voice service.  Harness the power of the cloud, and get the best from your business.

Because communication is what we do best.


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